Dyno compilation

We have put together some impressive dynos from the bouldering world.

A ‘dyno’ is defined as a dynamic movement that uses momentum to get to the next hold.

This compilation shows you a lot of different jumps, mainly from Fontainebleau, but also from Frankenjura, Magic Wood, Zillertal and even Morocco.
We hope you enjoy the video on YouTube:

One of the best jumps from this video was ‘Rainbow Rocket’. We have published more insights on this unique boulder here.

Frankenjura Beta Videos

A collection of all our boulders recorded on tape.

This site will provide the full collection of our Frankenjura beta videos. We are keen on keeping all links to the boulders updated.
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You can find more insights and facts about our Frankenjura series here.
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Update and facts

About our Frankenjura Series

Already 10 Episodes

Every week we release a new episode featuring boulders in the Frankenjura

In total we’ve climbed already 72 boulder problems harder than 7A. Chris and Robert started exploring the Frankenjura in 2015 and we stepped up our ticklist year by year. In 2018 we accomplished a number of 23 problems and in 2019 a total of 35 problems. Let’s see what 2020 will bring.

We are not only happy to see an increase in performance over the years but also to share the great problems with the world. In total we managed to film 18 7A’s, 21 7B’s, 28 7C’s and 5 8A’s so far. In the future we will also dedicate ourselves to filming easier routes in order to satisfy all target groups.

We hope you enjoy the 10th episode of our Frankenjura Guide:

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First Episode

Of the Frankenjura Guide: A Bouldering Series


We just released the first episode of our Frankenjura bouldering series.

Every week on Monday, we will release a new episode of cool boulder problems from our home crag: the Frankenjura.
Watch the first episode now:

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