Rocklands 2022

Rocklands 2022

Bouldering on Orange Sandstone in South Africa

This year, Robert and Leon spent a few weeks in South Africa, seeking for high quality bouldering in the Cederberg Mountains. Rocklands is one of the largest and most beautiful bouldering areas in the world. The red sandstone holds ultimate grip and has naturally beautiful formations. The climbing style is very athletic on big holds and small ledges, which is why even indoor climbers can pull off grades well.

We spent our time at probably the best place in the area, the de Pakhuys campsite. Many people sleep simply in their tents, but there are also cabins and larger houses for rent. In the morning you meet like-minded people having breakfast in the sun and in the evening you sit together with many climbers at the campfire and talk about the exhausting day in the rocks.

Watch the video on Youtube:

We have compiled a selection of boulders in range from 7A to 8A in the following video:

00:11 Buff the Banana 7A
00:42 Human Energy 7A
01:26 Jaws 7C
02:20 Kiesl 7A+
03:11 Poison Dwarf 7B
04:00 Dirty Lies 7A+
05:07 Boss Man 7A+
05:44 Hungry Eyes 7A+
06:17 The Bloody Gumby 7A
07:27 Maniac 7B
08:30 Broadside Arete 7B
09:16 Ulan Bator 7B+
10:05 Secret to Olive’s Preserve Cupboard 7B
10:39 The Bridge 7B+
11:36 When the Day Breaks 7B
12:10 Ganja Babe 7B
12:50 TIS is Africa 7C
13:35 Far Side 7A
14:29 Vlad the Impaler 7C
15:17 Silky Natural 7A
16:28 Finders Keepers 7A
17:57 Flying Guitar Thief 8A
18:20 Un petit Hueco dans Rocklands 7B+
19:37 Pinotage 7B+
20:22 Springbok 7A
21:06 Maties 7A

We have been to this amazing bouldering area before in 2017. If you are interested in watching more, then also have a look at this Rocklands video.