Rainbow Rocket


A very impressive dyno in Fontainebleau

The hardest dyno I’ve ever done

It is now exactly 4 years ago that I flew up the dyno classic ‘Rainbow Rocket‘ graded 8A/V11.

In my opinion this block still offers one of the most impressive lines worldwide. I have always loved jumps and dynamic moves. Especially this boulder in Fontainebleau was a dream of mine. All in all it cost me about 220 attempts spread over 3 trips to conquer it. The hardest part was to train the complex movement of placing the foot at hand height during the movement to generate the necessary upward thrust.
In more detail you can watch our edited video of the process and instructions on Youtube:

While we have presented our best Instagram posts here, the YT video is by far our most popular with over 50000 clicks.

If jumping is not for you, have a look at the boulders in our other videos, e.g. some uncharted lines in Fontainebleau.

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